Compensation Administration Services

Ongoing, custom-tailored outsourcing support for your expatriate compensation program, whenever you need it

Is your HR staff overburdened or inexperienced in international compensation? ORC COMPAS can help. COMPAS is a customizable outsourcing option that extends the value of ORC's international compensation data through expert handling of tasks related to expatriate assignment management and compensation. A few of the advantages of COMPAS include:

As a first step, ORC can help you determine which type of assignment is best suited for your needs, and then match appropriate policies and pay programs.

The next step is to choose from the range of ORC's international compensation data and expatriate consulting services a program that works for you. The possibilities are endlessly customizable. Some of the services to consider include:

Additional administrative assistance may be requested, such as preparing and updating compensation schedules and communication materials such as employee-specific assignment letters, developing and/or interpreting expatriate policy, and coordinating expatriate data and documentation.

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