International Mobility Consulting

A successful expatriate program means more than moving an employee from point A to point B. Other critical factors must be considered in order to effectively mobilize and motivate your international workforce.

Most of the world’s largest multinationals rely on ORC to keep their international assignment programs efficient and equitable. Your organization faces its own challenges that affect your expatriate program. ORC can assist you with any or all aspects of your program while addressing your organization’s particular needs.

Below is an outline of how we can help you develop or refine a sound expatriate program.

Philosophy and Strategy Program Assessment Program Design Implementation, Administration, and Communication

Align your expatriate policy with your corporate and human resource objectives

Ensure that your expatriate program reflects your overall compensation philosophy

Identify and apply your market position to your expatriate policy

Determine appropriate and effective sourcing strategies for the administration of your expatriate program

Analyze your program practices and compensation systems

Benchmark your program against competitors

Identify industry best practices applicable to your program

Gather information from your expatriates or management through opinion surveys, focus groups, or interviews

Define existing or potential design and administrative obstacles

Analyze data and recommend targeted enhancements to your program

Develop or refine your global program, applying knowledge gained during the assessment phase

Create customized compensation systems

Address mobility issues with solutions specific to your needs

Design or restructure your administration process

Establish a rollout plan including structures and resources — such as staffing, data, and technology — necessary to support your program

Implement administration tools

Provide accurate and timely cost-of-living data

Provide a variety of custom services through ORC’s Compensation Administration Service (COMPAS)

Develop and conduct training programs and briefings for management and employees

Create communication materials for management and expatriates

Learn more about expatriate assignment philosophy and strategy

Learn more about program assessment

Learn more about program design

Learn more about expatriate program implementation, administration, and communication

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