Enhanced Global Mobility Products and Services from Mercer

International Mobility

Learn how the combination of Mercer and ORC has enhanced our global mobility products and services for clients.

Expatriate Compensation and Assignment Data

Information, Analyses, and Tools for Managing an Expatriate Workforce

When accepting an assignment that requires international relocation or extended global business travel, your employees agree to change their current lifestyle in order to meet the company's global business needs. In turn, you must compensate them fairly. Consider the challenges below and how data and services from ORC can help you meet them.

Expatriate Database

Supported by advanced statistical techniques and a worldwide network of pricing agents, ORC's expatriate database provides one-stop shopping for compensation data related to standard expatriate or short-term assignments.

ORC encourages clients to purchase our data through an annual service, which includes:

You can view a sample International Compensation Table.


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