Differential Change Analysis (DCA)

Changes in goods and services differentials are rarely well-understood by expatriates. International assignment managers and administrators can spend too much of their time explaining every change to individual assignees.

To help expatriates better understand these changes and reduce the burden on international assignment teams, ORC has developed the Differential Change Analysis (DCA).

The DCA is a unique "pay statement" that provides expatriates with an easy-to-understand explanation of changes to their goods and services differential.

ORC's DCA provides expatriates with individualized explanations of how changes in these factors affect their company-provided differential for goods and services:

To learn more about DCA or ORC's other expatriate communication services, please contact your ORC consultant or local ORC office.

About DCA
What Others Are Saying

“Before introducing the DCA, we had ongoing communication issues with our expatriates whenever their differentials were adjusted. It was very time consuming for our HR staff and, of course, very frustrating for the expatriates themselves. Reaction to the DCA service has been very positive. We have gone through two quarterly update cycles using the new service and the amount of questions and complaints from our expatriates about changes in their differentials has dropped considerably. Most of our expatriates now seem to understand how the balance sheet works!”

Brad Cothran
Expatriate Administration Program Senior Manager
Cummins Inc.

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