Expatriate Program Design

The design of an expatriate program includes detailing policies on all relevant issues, determining how to compensate expatriates, and identifying what information is needed to carry out the program. ORC can help you to:

Policy Details

When ORC works with you to revise or create an expatriate program, we will scrutinize each aspect of your program. We are always mindful of knowledge gained during any plan assessment, and only present appropriate solutions. We can also help you manage the decision-making process and team involved, and guide your writing of the policy.

Compensation Methods

There are several methods for compensating expatriates, and the approach you take should match both your overall business needs and the purpose and nature of the specific assignment.

Data Requirements and Sources

Whichever approach or combination of approaches you select, ORC can assist you with relevant and comprehensive data.


Final step: Implementation, Administration, and Communication

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