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Expatriate Housing Data

Costs, conditions, and availability of housing in assignment locations around the world.

Housing decisions are emotional and costly. Determining how to compensate and provide for comfortable, safe accommodations for expatriates and their families can be a complicated process, involving comparison of housing costs in the home and assignment locations. ORC data clients receive location tables with information on home location housing costs (called “norms”) based on salary and family size. Housing data for assignment locations is supplied in the form of a matrix that provides rental costs by:

ORC issues updates every six months, in partnership with several outside sources. Housing data may be purchased on an as-needed basis by clients that do not receive goods and services data tables.

Housing information can also be supplied in customized formats with added factors. For example, data may be related to job level or type, salary, city area, or family size. ORC can work with your company to customize housing data to fit any need. In addition, housing data for locations not normally priced by ORC can be provided upon request.

Download a sample report here.

Housing norms, or the average combined expenditures for shelter and utilities by salary level, distinguishing between households of single persons and those of families of two or more persons, are covered in our Home-Country Data and Tax Profiles.

The results of our Survey of Expatriate Housing Policies and Practices are available also.

Real-Time RentCheck™

Spend less time validating data, checking property availability, and negotiating with assignees with ORC's Real-Time RentCheck™.

Standard Reports

Data service clients who purchase ORC’s cost-of-living indices automatically receive housing data tables, which provide general information on the costs, conditions, and availability of housing in host locations (as well as home housing data, or “norms”).

Client-Specific Reports

ORC can develop a customized housing solution to help you establish appropriate budgets. Customized formats can offer greater continuity of perspective across a range of rental markets, and typically are based on job level or grade band.

Peer-to-Peer Housing

This customized data can help you align housing rental figures for expatriates with those of local peers at the same job level in the assignment location.

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