Implementation, Administration, and Communication

Taking an expatriate policy from theory to practice and defining who should be responsible for certain activities may be more of a challenge than you expect. And, your company’s infrastructure may not be able to support the new policies immediately. ORC can help you address all of these issues.


ORC helps define the steps to establish and administer a successful program within your company and advise you on resources. We provide knowledge and support during all phases of implementation, including:

ORC’s Administration Tools

ORC has developed tools to help you administer an expatriate program:


Proactive communication will help alleviate problems that typically result when assignees and their families do not completely understand their expatriate program. You should should consistently explain pay methods, currency devaluation, and the effects of inflation. Tying these practices to your organization’s business strategy and philosophy is an effective communication practice that will complete the picture for your audience.

ORC’s experts can talk directly to your expatriates or train your administrators to do so. We can prepare and disseminate information to your administrators, managers, and assignees for one-time events or ongoing communications. We can conduct public or customized training sessions, prepare one-time individual assignment letters, create policy change announcements, and help you communicate to assignees and their families during the pre-assignment phase, while abroad, and before repatriation. Our consultants will determine an effective communication strategy for your organization, and use such vehicles as seminars, briefings, printed material, emails, intranet, and websites. ORC's Virtual International Compensation Knowledge Instructor (VICKI) can support your communication program with a detailed but accessible online tutorial of the concepts and procedures that go into an expatriate pay program.

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