Expatriate Management Roundtables

Networks for managers of expatriate human resource or compensation issues at major U.S. and Canadian companies

As world events and the economy swing unpredictably, expatriate staffing becomes even more complex and critical. At these North American roundtables—two regional, one industry focused—of major, innovative companies, human resources decision-makers responsible for expatriates meet twice a year and maintain contact through a dedicated member Web site. There is also an annual joint meeting of members from all regions.

Members share best practices, analyze new ideas, discuss current issues common to the membership, and exchange information in an open and confidential setting. The focus is on total international compensation and management of a global workforce and the effects of current economic, social, and political forces.

Members share approaches to common strategic concerns and operational issues. Strategic concerns range, for example, from getting top management support on policies to developing a global mobility management program, from measuring international human resources to supporting dual careers and other family issues. Operational issues range from expatriate program surveys to short-term assignment policies, from international pension plans to expatriate service centers and Web sites.

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If you are responsible for the international human resources or compensation issues at an organization with a significant expatriate and local-national workforce and a commitment to international business, consider the advantages of joining an International Compensation Roundtable. Contact Gail Darrah at +1 312 917 0569 for more information.

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