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A network for expatriate human resource managers of major companies with principal or regional headquarters in the United Kingdom

Human resources practitioners responsible for international policy development in a wide variety of major international industries and services with a headquarters or a regional headquarters in the UK belong to this network. Through it, they learn about current practices, meet others with similar responsibilities and interests, discover current information on critical issues, and gain access to resources—formal and informal—for assistance with current challenges.

The group meets three times a year to compare and contrast worldwide policies, practices, and trends in expatriate management. Guest speakers and ORC staff highlight current issues, and discussions are practical, results-oriented, and completely confidential.

Members focus on remuneration and benefits, general terms and conditions, legislative developments in specific countries, and political, economic, and social developments in countries worldwide. Between meetings, members enjoy both casual and structured contacts, including peer-to-peer guidance and research and surveys relevant to individual members' needs and through a member-only Web site. The goal of these activities is to maintain an effective and motivated transnational workforce.

Who Should Join?

If you are responsibile for the expatriate HR management of a major company with principal or regional headquarters in the UK, consider the benefits of joining the UK Expatriate Forum. For more information, contact Siobhan Cummins at +44 (0) 20 7591 5600.

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