Executive Compensation Forum

A network for executives or senior directors who lead executive executive compensation program design at major U.S. companies

Key compensation executives from major, multinational corporations based in the U.S. come together in this group with the same goal: to retain and motivate skilled executives through the design and implementation of compensation systems that meet business needs and adapt to changing economic and legislative conditions.

The group meets twice a year for member-driven agendas, sharing best practices, analysis of new ideas, and discussions of current issues. Outside speakers from government regulatory agencies and respected business institutions bring perspective to the discussions. The focus of the group is on structuring executive reward strategies in alignment with business goals and other executive programs. The group explores differentiating levels, equity, new compensation tools and programs, the changing regulatory landscape, and trends in the mix of executive compensation components.

Networking opportunities are part of all sessions, and between meetings, ORC works with the steering committe, conducts surveys, and provides updates on behalf of members. Members freely discuss concerns, share experience, and explore solutions in a completely confidential environment.

Who Should Join?

If you are the vice president or director of HR, compensation and benefits, executive compensation, global or worldwide rewards, or a similar function, in a major U.S.-headquartered company, consider joining the Executive Compensation Forum. Contact Carol Edelstein at 212-719-3400.

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