International Management and Remuneration Group

A network for managers of global human resources and compensation at major European and North American companies

Equally divided between representing Europe-based firms and those from North America, members of this group come from the very largest global organizations. The group focuses on developments in the HR field with particular emphasis on compensation and related issues of employee benefits and organizational management as they pertain to major multinational corporations.

Dramatic changes in the global business, social, and political environments ensure the value to members of having this group of peers. From a strategic viewpoint, members are able to share and interact with others in an environment of complete confidentiality.

The group is limited to representatives from 25 member organizations and membership is by invitation. It meets twice a year—in May in Europe and in October in North America.

Both at the meetings and between them, discussions encompass a broad range of topics. And ORC—at members' requests—frequently surveys the membership on specific items of interest. Membership has been very stable over the years, enhancing even further the building of relationships among group members.

Who Should Join?

If you have responsibility for managing your company's global HR and compensation, consider the advantages of joining the International Management and Remuneration Group. Contact Michael Maher at +44 (0) 20 7591 5600 to learn more about this network.

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