SIRS® Benchmark Survey

With data covering 1.8 million incumbents from more than 1,100 benchmarks, the SIRS® Benchmark Survey is one of the largest private databases on U.S. compensation.

Backed by ORC’s experience in human resources consulting, and our deep expertise in international compensation and policies, the SIRS® Benchmark Survey can be the foundation for a compensation program that is sophisticated, easy to administer, and tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Reliable Data & Model Job Structure

The SIRS® Benchmark Survey can deliver market pricing data for all your jobs—from entry-level clerical to first-level executive—or fill in the gaps left by other specialized surveys. The underlying SIRS® benchmarks provide a model job structure that can help your organization design clearer career paths, develop succession plans, and analyze organizational efficiency.

Policies & Practices

Your annual subscription to the SIRS® Benchmark Survey includes a Benchmark Report that is unique to your organization. It focuses on the market mix you select, letting you perform more accurate comparisons. Your Benchmark Report will cover all cash compensation elements as well as stock option eligibility by SIRS® benchmark, level, and modifier. A separate report is provided for each job category for which you submit data (nonsupervisory, supervisory, nonexempt).

Your annual subscription also will include:

Custom report options, such as line detail from consenting companies and data tailored to a geographic area, also are available.

SIRS® Supplemental Surveys

Get additional reports free by participating in the following SIRS® Supplemental Surveys:

Sample Data

SIRS® Client Web Site

Your annual subscription to the SIRS® Benchmark Survey includes access to a participant-only Web site loaded with searchable summary market data. The site also provides access to survey updates as well as useful participant materials, such as SIRS® benchmark descriptions and leveling charts.

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2010 Schedule
Data effective date: April 1
Data due: April 15
Report publication: July
Annual Subscription $4700
Reports are available to survey participants exclusively.
Participating Companies

SIRS® Participant List (PDF)


Please contact SIRS® for a list of benchmarks.

Consumer Products
Clean Energy (first year)
Financial Services
High Technology Group:
  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft & General Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Energy Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Systems
  • Telecommunications
Life Sciences Group:
  • Agriculture Sciences
  • Animal Health
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research Hospitals
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