ORC Global Development:
Case Studies

ORC has worked on a broad range of compensation and HR related projects in the sector, and the details below represent some of the key pieces we have been involved in with our clients.

African NGO

Funds and develops conservation programs

Compensation Structure and Competitiveness
ORC performed a comprehensive project on compensation structure design for this Kenya- and U.S.-based NGO. The NGO had separate pay structures in six African countries, with a regional operational headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, and administrative headquarters in the U.S. The organization had common job families and career ladders but no comprehensive policy and strategy or integrated job structure. ORC created a common job grade structure, priced and created separate pay structures in each of the six African countries, determined the specific jobs that remain on a separate African regional pay line, and proposed alternative strategies to price that pay line. In addition, ORC defined the international jobs in Africa and the U.S. which were on a global pay line. Future steps include designing a pay manual and communications for staff concerning pay philosophy.

Asian Financial Institution

Provides funds to improve welfare of people in the Asia-Pacific region

Professional Staff Compensation and Benefits Review
For this organization, ORC/Birches Group performed a comprehensive review of the compensation and benefits policy and administration for more than 800 professional staff. This review included a thorough examination of existing policies and gathering of detailed salary information from a broad range of possible comparator organizations. This analysis led to an innovative framework for reviewing the total employment identity of the organization and linking the issues that had been raised in a broader strategic HR context so that the decisions on annual pay and benefits could be made in a more comprehensive and informed manner. The project ended with a presentation of the analysis and recommendations to the organization’s Board of Member State representatives. The subsequent staff recommendations were accepted with the highest supporting member vote in recent memory (78% in support in comparison to 57% in the previous year).

African Financial Institution

Promotes sustainable economic growth to reduce poverty in Africa

Staff Compensation Review and Strategy Development
For this organization, ORC/Birches Group performed a comprehensive review of the current job classification system, evaluated its effectiveness, and, finding it deficient, recommended a new system that was simple, clear, and transparent. Further, ORC/Birches Group updated the institution’s market references and provided a recommendation on both a salary increase and a pay structure movement for internationally recruited staff and for locally recruited staff. Finally, ORC/Birches Group performed a comprehensive review of the overall compensation and benefits strategies, recommending a new compensation strategy for 2008 and beyond.

European-Based NGO

Provides health education, advice and assistance

International Staff Policy and Competitiveness
Working with the ORC Worldwide Survey on NGO International Staff Salaries and Practices, we were able to carry out a thorough benchmark of the current approach of this NGO, highlighting key areas where the current policy was not matching the peer NGO market. The outcomes were then built into a half-day workshop on practice and tax, where the board discussed the best way forward to fit with the philosophy of the organization and the talent they wished to attract. Based on the data and expert information ORC was able to provide, decisions made during this session are now being built into a new policy by the organization.

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