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Mercer's Monthly Newsletter for Diversity and Inclusion Specalists Making a Difference in Their Organizations.

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November 2010 How Many is Enough?; Austrian, US Thought Leaders Discuss Tough D&I Issues; A Practical Introduction to D&I Strategy and Implementation
October 2010 The Current and Future Direction of the EEOC: Thoughts from EEOC Commissioner Victoria Lipnic; Best Practice of the Month: Turn climate assessment into a positive step towards D&I
August 2010 Management of ERGs Differs by Regionl; Best Practice of the Month: Customising the Business Case for Senior Leaders; U.S. Agency Heads Alert HR Managers to Focus on Pay Equity and Rights of Veterans/Disabled
July 2010

Changing Executives' Behaviour; Early Results—What's New and Different in Employee Resource Groups?; The Next Big Thing

June 2010

European Company Pays Huge Price for Violating U.S. Anti-Discrimination Law; Who's the Boss? Changing Reporting Structures for Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion; ORC Network Member Craig Jones Makes Us Proud; ORC Diversity Blog: Taking Counsel About Diversity Councils

May 2010 Best Practice of the Month: Sometimes “Stealth Diversity” Is Called For; The Farmer and The Cowman Should Be Friends; Nominations Due for Peter Robertson Diversity Award
April 2010 Best Practice of the Month: Give Employees the Opportunity to Self-Identify as LGBT; On the Horizon: the Diversity of Socio-economic Class; Call for Nominations for Third Annual Peter Robertson Diversity Award; HRCI Pre-Approves Foundations Seminar for Recertification Credit
March 2010 All in the Family: Diversity and Corporate Responsibility; Best Practice of the Month: Middle Manager Accountability for Diversity & Inclusion; Learn Proven Strategies and Best Practices for D&I
February 2010 Outreach to Military Veterans; US Regulatory Update; Why has Race Receded from the Corporate Discourse?; Preparing the Next Generation of Diversity Leaders
January 2010 Changes Brewing in the European Union; Teach Managers and Employees About Unconscious Bias; “Asia Rising”: Webinar for Workplace Compliance Professionals on Employment Trends in Asia
December 2009 Diversity & Inclusion Seminar 2010 in Barcelona; Ride the Coattails of Popular Programmes; Webinar for Workplace Compliance Professionals on Cultural Dos and Don’ts in Asia
November 2009 Embrace Language Diversity; It All Hinges on Performance
October 2009 Integrate Global Mobility, Talent Management, and D&I Processes; EEOC Proposes to Expand Disability Protections; Diversity Strategy and Practice Workshop
September 2009 Put Champions’ Responsibilities in Writing; Corporate Culture Impacts Diversity at the Top: A Sneak Preview of Talent Management/Diversity Survey Results; Unique New Resource for US Employment Lawyers in Multinational Companies; Diversity Strategy and Practice Workshop
August 2009 Age is Focus of Attention in US and UK; Competencies for Diversity & Inclusion Professionals; Measure and Publicize the Impact of Employee Networks; New in the Knowledge Center



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