Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Strategy Jumpstart

ORC can guide you and your team through the process of drafting or refreshing your diversity strategy or expanding it globally. In the course of this full-day session, you will define your organization's diversity vision, draft an initial set of goals linked to business objectives, identify critical stakeholders, and determine the key management systems and processes you will harness to achieve diversity goals. Prior to the session, ORC's consultants will meet with you to discuss your key issues and review available data so we will be prepared to help your team identify strategies and actions likely to have the greatest impact.

Diversity and Inclusion Capacity Building Series

Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Practice

Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Practice is an introductory workshop for new diversity professionals, HR generalists and specialists, diversity council members, employee network leaders and others who want to learn how to make lasting change in their organizations. Topics covered in the one-day, interactive session include local and global context for diversity, business-driven strategy development, impactful action planning, and diversity metrics and communications. This workshop is offered to the public throughout the year (please visit the Foundations Workshop page for more information and dates] or in-house for employees of a single organization. Size of group is limited.

Please contact us about on-site presentation. Discounted rates may apply. For details, contact Michal Fineman (+1 202 331 2649) or Deirdre Golden (+44(0)207 178 5636).

Issues and Challenges in Global Diversity

The world is a huge place, and no one appreciates its complexity better than diversity professionals and champions responsible for globalising the diversity agenda. This briefing offers an overview of the global context for diversity and the legal framework in key regions, outlines the issues to be addressed, highlights important emerging trends and developments, and provides recommendations for structuring an effective global initiative.

ORC's Toolkit for Integrated D&I Strategy: What It Is and How to Use It to Change Your Organization

ORC's experienced consultants will introduce you and your team to the methodology and tools we use with our clients to develop a comprehensive, integrated equality, diversity, and inclusion strategy. Learn how these tools, developed through our research and extensive experience helping organizations like yours, help you identify diversity and inclusion issues and opportunities, set business-driven diversity and inclusion goals, and implement proven D&I programs and practices that make a competitive difference. All participants receive the D&I Strategy Toolkit at no extra charge.

Engaging Stakeholders Top to Bottom

What are the most effective ways of leveraging senior leadership and Board of Directors commitment to diversity and inclusion? How can organizations gain support for D&I efforts from middle managers? How can diversity and inclusion be driven from the grassroots level? This 1 ½ hour briefing brings you proven strategies and techniques for mobilising stakeholders at all levels in the organization.

Employee Network Groups: The Engine for Diversity

In this two-and-a-half-hour workshop we explore how to make the most of employee networks for their members and for the company. You will learn best practices for gaining support for Network activities, magnifying your influence by collaborating with other Networks, and globalising your Network. As a group, you will begin the process of creating an integrated strategy that promotes the interests of the constituents of your network(s) and aligns with the organization’s business objectives.

Who should attend: diversity professionals, employee network leaders, network sponsors, diversity champions. This workshop can be held for leaders and sponsors of a single Network or for representatives of multiple Networks within the organization. It is appropriate for companies with existing networks or for companies in the initial stages of developing employee networks.

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