Corporate Environmental Forum

A network for those responsible for implementing environmental management and compliance policies in major organizations

The Corporate Environmental Forum is an independent forum for the in-depth examination of environmental issues and regulations that play an important role in the decisions made by its member companies in the implementation of their environmental management programs.

The group addresses the mutual concerns of industry, government agencies, and the public sector. Presentations and exchange of views with high-ranking EPA officials are regular parts of each meeting, as are member company and expert discussions of best practices in environmental management and compliance.

Consistent with the EPA's stated mission "to protect human health and the environment," ORC's Corporate Environmental Forum provides a means for its member companies to develop and maintain an awareness of federal environmental policies, legislation, and regulation; to improve the federal environmental policy-making process by building bridges with officials at the EPA and other agencies; to articulate a multi-industry perspective of priority issues and regulations; and to minimize the politicization of federal environmental policies.

The group also provides a forum for the communication of environmental stewardship through continuous improvement of management systems.

Who Should Join?

If you are responsible for implementing your organization's environmental management and compliance policies, consider the advantages of joining the multi-industry Corporate Environmental Forum. For more information, contact Cord Jones at 202-293-2980.

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