EH&S Business Issues Forum

A network for executives or directors with overall authority for environmental, health, and safety operations at major corporations

The ORC EH&S Business Issues Forum (EBIF) provides senior executives responsible for their companies' EH&S functions with a resource dedicated to identifying and addressing the critical strategic business issues affecting their EH&S operations. Through the EBIF, key issues are identified and addressed by invited industry leaders and business experts, thereby enabling business strategies and solutions for effective EH&S management to be developed in candid and confidential discussions among EBIF members.

Among issues covered by the group are the following: strategic planning; performance metrics; international standardization; effectiveness of senior management actions; benchmarking; organizational design; EH&S management system analysis; globalization; management of EH&S in the context of mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, etc.; financial analysis of EH&S operations; the increasing overlap between environmental and traditional safety and health issues; and regulatory compliance. Key U.S. policymakers in safety and health discuss their plans and hear input from EBIF members on possible future directions.

Who Should Join?

If you have overall authority for your organization's environmental, health, and safety operations, consider the benefits of joining the EH&S Business Issues Forum. For more information, contact Frank White at 202-293-2980.

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