Global Safety and Health Forum

A network for environmental safety and health policy managers at major companies operating multinationally

The Global Safety and Health Forum (GSHF) acts as a focal point for the collection and dissemination of information about international safety, health, and environmental regulatory and business trends. At its quarterly meetings, senior EH&S officials from multinational companies across industry lines focus on EH&S best practices and legislative and regulatory developments in the nations of principal interest to the members.

The guiding objectives of the ISHF are to facilitate member communication on important global issues, with input from appropriate agencies and governmental organizations; to provide exchanges of information and viewpoints among global EH&S professionals of member companies; to promote cooperation and communication among multinationals' safety, health, and environmental personnel in localized areas, encouraging the sharing of information on possible common training programs, laboratory services, injury and accident statistics, etc.; to promote communication among member companies on issues in regard to individual foreign countries; and to provide opportunities for an informal exchange on the occupational safety, health, and environmental activities of international organizations, as well as foreign countries’ environmental, safety, and health programs.

Who Should Join?

If you are responsible for managing safety and health policies and issues for a company operating multinationally, consider the benefits of joining the Global Safety and Health Forum. For more information, contact at Joanne Linhard or Dee Woodhull at 202-293-2980.

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