Environment, Health, and Safety

Global competitive pressures and increasing social responsibility are challenging the way corporations achieve their health, safety, and environmental (HSE) objectives. The consulting resources of ORC provide the latest concepts in cost-effective approaches to meeting these challenges. We combine the knowledge, skills, and leadership of our full-time consultants with the expertise of nationally known specialists in key safety and health areas. Experts understand clients’ needs, and are well prepared to provide the most current knowledge to to help meet your injury and illness prevention goals.

ORC and its networks of corporate HSE leaders can help you manage your programs more effectively, meet your critical compliance obligations in global operations, and control workplace risks so that your enterprise can continually upgrade its HSE performance worldwide. ORC’s HSE practice is based in Washington, D.C., to maintain close ties with relevant government agencies.

Policy Development
Health and safety meet business strategy

ORC consultants can help close the gap between rhetoric and reality by providing an integrated perspective on devising and managing effective health and safety policies and approaches that support broader organizational and workforce objectives. When needed, ORC enlists other experts for specific projects, such as auditing company health and safety systems, designing appropriate systems, and addressing particular issues, including stress in the workplace and the safety dimension of working time.

Pandemic Preparation
Supporting your people and business during a crisis

ORC can assess a company’s pandemic preparations and help develop a comprehensive policy and guide for dealing with a major public health crisis. We consider different HSE and HR issues to develop a practical business continuity plan. We review how organizations define business-critical functions, ensure those roles are appropriately staffed, and how the individuals (and families) filling these critical roles can be supported by the business. We also review policies on home-working, and the provision of isolation facilities.

Assessing Safety Management Systems
Metrics, recordkeeping, compliance

ORC’s rich and practical industrial experience assists clients in developing safety management systems and devising new safety and health metrics that fit within those systems. We facilitate client taskforce discussions and support the implementation of systems among safety and health staffs as well as line management. ORC also offers Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping assessments to help companies address the regulatory dimension of HSE. In addition, we can help companies choose or design software systems to comply with OSHA recordkeeping.

Property Loss Prevention and Risk Management
Protecting your assets

ORC advises companies on the issues linking worker compensation, property loss prevention, and risk management, and on implementing systems and programs that protect property from fire, wind, and flood damage. ORC can help your organization develop appropriate crisis management techniques and implement processes designed to protect facilities and keep them operational after a disaster. Having appropriate processes and systems in place helps companies structure cost-effective insurance coverage.

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