Occupational Safety and Health Group

A network for managers responsible for safety and health issues at major corporations in the United States

For 30 years, ORC's Occupational Safety and Health Group has been a unique, ongoing network of key health and safety leaders from major, multinational corporations in a wide variety of industries. Members face the same challenge: to provide safe and healthful working conditions in their organization, and to influence others—including employees, government agencies, and local communities—to work constructively toward common safety and health objectives.

At quarterly meetings, members share information and benchmark best practices with each other, and connect with representatives of federal and state regulatory agencies, and invited experts from the occupational safety and health and related fields. The professional relationships forged at these meetings are maintained and strengthened between meetings through unlimited telephone consulting with ORC experts, and through ORC’s Web site and interactive bulletin board.

ORC furthers members' interests with ongoing contacts at all levels of the regulatory agencies, effective advocacy of responsible industry positions on regulatory and policy issues, and linkages with voluntary standards organizations, safety and health professional groups, and major associations.

Who Should Join?

If you are responsible for your organization's safety and health issues, consider the benefits of joining the multi-industry and innovative Occupational Safety and Health Group. For more information, contact Frank A. White at 202-293-2980.

ORC's occupational Safety and Health and Environmental networks are served through two dedicated Web sites: orc-dc.com and orc-sac.com

For More Info

Visit orc-dc.com for more details about our EHS Networks and Consulting Services.