Corporate Health Directors Network

A network for corporate medical directors or those with similar responsibilities at major, multinational companies

The Corporate Health Directors Network is for corporate leaders in the field of occupational medicine, drawing members from the most innovative multinational Fortune 500 companies. Corporate medical directors and other senior managers of occupational health programs attend meetings twice a year, in February and August.

The network is the only forum of its kind, providing outstanding networking opportunities in a confidential environment. The professional relationships forged at member meetings provide the basis for ongoing benchmarking opportunities—assisting members in identifying best practices in the management of corporate occupational health programs.

In addition to attending the group's meetings, members keep up to date with the latest developments in the field—and how others are responding—through regular updates on key issues through e-mail notices and postings to the ORC Web site; a members-only bulletin board where members can post requests for information on experiences with specific programs and policies and emerging issues of concern; and consultation on regulatory and policy issues with ORC's experienced consulting staff.

Who Should Join?

If you are a corporate medical director or have similar responsibilities for a major, multinational company, consider the benefits of joining the Corporate Health Directors Network. For more information, contact Ann Brockhaus at 202-293-2980.

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