U.S. Labor and Employee Relations Network

The leading peer network for senior-level labor and employee relations professionals in major U.S. companies

The U.S. Labor and Employee Relations Network (U.S. LERN) is one of four labor groups that compose ORC Worldwide’s Global Labor and Employee Relations Networks. U.S. LERN brings together top labor relations executives to discuss current issues, recent labor negotiations, best practices and initiatives, and trends that affect their companies and their labor relations strategy. Members analyze management and union strategies, meet with U.S. labor experts, and network with their professional peers.

Member companies have unionized workers—skilled and unskilled—and represent a wide range of industries operating in the U.S.: manufacturing, consumer products, telecommunications, services, utilities, and others. The composition refl ects the diverse character of U.S. business, and has earned U.S. LERN its reputation as the premier labor relations peer group in the U.S.

Members are the nucleus for the group’s activities. They help provide the information that makes the group unique. All network activities—sessions, webcasts, surveys—are driven by members’ input regarding their most pressing labor and employee relations concerns.

Sessions—Winter, Spring, and Fall

Members meet at sessions three times during the year, typically in February, May, and October. These 2-day sessions offer high-level discussion following the roundtable format with ample sharing of information, experiences, and best practices. The group adheres to a strict policy of confidentiality, thereby creating a bond of trust among members and fostering strong camaraderie.

Meeting agendas address members’ most pressing labor issues. Sessions include ORC-facilitated discussions, as well as presentations by members, prominent labor experts, and guest speakers. In addition to the formal discussions, sessions offer an ORC-hosted dinner that allows members to network in a more relaxed setting.

Ongoing Services—Updates, Webcasts, and Surveys

Throughout the year, U.S. LERN is a virtual community offering members the ability to network with fellow members and stay abreast of critical labor and employee relations developments. Members receive regular updates regarding legislative initiatives, recent settlements, wage data and trends, union membership growth and changes, union management news, and more.

Webcasts are offered on U.S and global labor issues, and are open to participation by members’ colleagues around the globe. Pulse member surveys are conducted on hot issues that require quick turnaround, typically in less than four days. Members benefit from the immediate input on urgent issues from their peers, and high survey participation highlights U.S. LERN’s invaluable role in managing day-to-day labor relations strategy.

Who Should Join?

If you have decision-making authority for a major organization’s industrial relations, union relations, or labor affairs, consider the advantages of joining U.S. LERN. For more information, contact Bill Bruce at 212-852-0397.

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