Human Resources Technology Solutions

A network for directors and vice presidents of HR technology and operations, business systems, or administrative services

It's not easy to stay ahead of the ever-steeper curve of technological change. These groups can help, by allowing you to join with others from Fortune 500 companies that face the same challenges: selecting, applying, upgrading, and distributing today's most advanced IT systems for HR operations.

The forum's members are executives and specialists concerned with the future developments in human resources that can be supported and advanced by effective information technology.

Current topics range from technical issues (e.g., architecture, new web tools, ASPs, HR XML progress, enterprise portals, single signon/security) to management concerns (e.g., project management methods, contract management with ASPs, e-learning, data privacy, outsourcing HRIS, and various best practices).

Members meet twice a year and present their own experience. The group then discuss the specific issues, vendors, and lessons learned, all in the secure knowledge that none of this will be shared with the vendors or any other parties. Between meetings, members stay in touch via a group Web site and other both casual and structured communications.

Who Should Join?

If you are in charge of your organization's HR information systems or technology, business systems, HR applications, technology and operations, HR operations, or administrative services, consider joining HRTS. For more information, contact Cynthia Laird at 310-846-4200.

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