Senior HR Officers' Network

A network for the highest-level human resource executives of major, innovative companies

Exploring...analyzing...sharing...questioning...answering. The most senior HR leaders from Fortune 300 companies come together in this network, learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom.

The agenda is flexible—the latest HR issues, along with the underlying social, economic, political, and other trends that foreshadow the next challenge. But member eligibility is not flexible—only the most senior HR executives from companies that are both large and have trend-setting HR practices are eligible to join and participate in these groups.

The combined brain power of such peers is a benefit available nowhere else. Members share innovative responses to concerns they are facing at sessions in regional U.S. locations—East, Midwest, and West—three times a year, and come together each fall at a plenary conference. In this unique forum, current issues and concerns are discussed confidentially and constructively among genuine peers.

Between formal meetings, members stay in touch both informally and via contacts with ORC, which offers the group topical reports, insights, and surveys of board-level compensation and governance practices, senior HR executive priorities, compensation, and other matters determined by the membership.

Who Should Join?

If you are the highest-level executive for human resources at a major, innovative company, consider the benefits of joining the Senior Human Resource Officers' Network. For more information, contact Tobi D'Andrea at +1-212-852-0422.

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